08 setembro 2013

Theodore Kullak

I've uploaded a lot of pieces by Kullak, composer of the indispendable School of Octaves, Op.48. Most pieces are cleaned, restored & improved for your pleasure. Still working on some of his other works.

Theodore Kullak

Theodore Kullak (12 September 1818 - 1 March 1882) was a German composer and teacher, born in Krotoschin and died in Berlin.

He completed his education in 1843 with Czerny in Vienna. Among his famous pupils are Hans Bischoff, Moritz Moszkowski and Xaver and Philipp Scharwenka, Alfred Grünfeld and Nikolai Rubinstein.

Kullak seemed subsequently to make a speciality of teaching princes and princesses of the Royal house, as well as the offspring of many upper-class families who became aware of his excellent professorial qualifications, connections and, presumably, his unimpeachable manners.

In 1851 Kullak established a new school, the Neue Akademie der Tonkunst, which proved a lasting success and was affectionately referred to as 'Kullak's Academy'. It specialised in the training of pianists and became the largest private music school in the whole of Germany. By the time of its twenty-fifth anniversary it boasted a hundred teachers and eleven hundred students. Kullak was made Professor in 1861 and was also elected to honorary membership of the Royal Academy of Music in Florence. Many other distinctions were also accorded him.

After Liszt, with whom he was on friendly terms, Kullak was one of the outstanding piano teachers of the 19th century




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